VID Town Halls

A VID Investor Product

We provide your Company an opportunity to meaningfully share your story with investors.

Your Company will have a full 30 minutes in order to better outline their investment opportunity, and we will provide you 15 - 20 minutes for investors to ask live follow up questions.


1 hr presentation including live Q&A // Pre Forum tech check // Moderated intro & Q&A // Live audience engagement // Links for socials & websites // Distributed to all VID platforms & YouTube Channel // Press Release with global distribution via Newsfile // Pre-Forum promos & awareness // Contact list of all participants // Post Forum analytics // Distributed to 5,5K+ registered VID followers

1 VID Town Hall - $4,000

4 VID Town Halls Forums - $14,000
(Save $500/Town Hall)

6 VID Town Hall Forums - $19,500
(Save $750/Town Hall)

Download VID Town Halls Here View View File

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