VID Get to Know

A VID Signature Product

Providing investors with a human-interest story on your CEO, by stepping out of the boardroom.

Our host will come to your location, wherever that might be...could be fishing in Colorado, Golfing in Arizona, or sledding in the Rockies, or any other experience your CEO is passionate about, so that investors can get to know them in “real life”.

This is an opportunity to interview your CEO and C-Suite members in a more casual environment, while providing investors with a deep dive into company management, passion for the industry, management style, and sector insights all while engaging your investment audience.

Can also be a Get to Know your site with a site tour video or any other Get to Know of your choice.


Unique customized content // One day of filming // B-Roll footage // Professional post production // Links provided to share on socials and website // Awareness with our Partners // Featured on VID YouTube channels and social media

VID Get to Know - $10,000 + travel expenses

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